My Travels


They it's bad luck to only make it to the shoulder of Petit Piton. I guess I'm in trouble. We got a late start and I was probably dehydrated from the start. So, I wennied out at the shoulder. I was going to go for it, but when my guide described the ropes we had to climb at the top, I decided to be sensible and turn around after taking the images below.

The small dot just off the far shore is our boat, The Nellie Fox. That's Soufriere, St. Lucia in the center. You can see that we had the bay almost competely to ourselves. If you look closely at the water you can see why. No wind!!!


No rain, no rainbows!

My guide, Lucius.

Just in case you're thinking I'm a weenie for not making it to the top, consider that this is what most of the "trail" looked like. The roots functioned like steps, big steps. There's always next time...