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March/April 2015 - Hanging out in Panama with Paul, Joan, Arthur,  Brendan, Neil and Nick to see the canal and the environs of Bocas Del Toro. Then a solo trip on to lovely Boquete.

May 2013- Florida again. After stopping in NOVA, returned to the Beachcomber one more  time. Spent Memorial Day at the Florida National Cemetery and paid my respects to  Sp. John Thomas "J. T." Zieja who I shared a flight with a few days earlier.

October 2012 - Back to the Beachcomber.

May 2012- Belize and Guatemala. How did I not come here sooner? The ATC adventure was one of the coolest things I have ever done.  Did a day trip to Tikal, as well. Lot's of friendly people. Wow!

December 2011- "One More Time." Back to St. Pete to burn vaca time. This time a Bucs game! Then home for the holidays and a little plane spotting at IAD.

October 2011 - "Back Again!" To St. Pete Beach for sun, a Rays game and Flugtag!

September 2011 - "Octocentarianism." Home for Dad's 80th and his birthday trip to Oceana NAS for the Air Show.

August 2011 - "MF'n." on Millenium Force, that is. Back to Cedar Point, this time with Tyler. Sweet!

June 2011 - "Chillin' on the Chesapeake." Hanging at the Boone House in Deltaville, it was only 105º.

December 2010 - "Golden Smile." Prospecting and scrambling around Arizona.

June 2010 - "Solo Rides." Spent a few days a Cedar Point riding coasters solo.  I love Millenium Force!

May/June 2009 - "I Need a Laugh." Hanging with Seamus in Dublin, laughs all around and some great walks in Norway!

December 2008 - "Back So Soon?" A short-notice trip to Dunedin. Had a blast looking for fossils with Mark Renz.

October 2008 - "Bummin' Around FLA" - A stroll around the southwestern part of the state. Started w/ seeing Lew in Tampa then to Big Cypress, the Everglades and the Keys.

June 2008 - "Digging for Diamonds" - A quick trip to Crater of Diamonds for some fun in the mud in central Arkansas.

July 2007 - "50 Before 50!" - Finishing a life goal, knocking off Iowa and South Dakota and punctuating the deal with a stop at the Geographic Center of the US on the Fourth of July.

April 2007 - "My Imajica Experience" - Coastal sailing in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea with Jesse Martin.

December 2006 - "Blowin' Through" - A quick zip down to Louisiana to knock off state # 48. Stopped in Lafayette and a few spots south on the way to two nights in New Orleans. Pease visit New Orleans!!!

September 2006 - "September Escape." Mike Smith and I slam in a few hikes in Zion Canyon between summertime and the real world. Photos by Mike.

February 2006 - "Caribe III." A week's sail aboard the "Thetis" with young yachtie Emma and parents Oliver and Val Dow. Once I found my luggage, it was a lovely time.

September 2005 - A quick trip to Orlando to ride coasters and have fun with MT Mennino. I still miss you MT!

October 2005 - "Ready or Not, Here I Come Down Under." A short-notice excursion to Australia taking in Sydney, Canberra, Merimbula, Eden and some stops around Port Douggie. I can't wait to go back!

May 2005 - "Last Train to Nowhere." North to Alaska. Anchorage, Ressurection Bay, Denali and Nome. Wow.

November 2004 - "Only to the Shoulder, Please." Sailing and hiking around St. Lucia with Oliver, Richard and my brother Mark.

May 2004 - "Round Two." The West of Ireland with Jim Corbley and Seamus Jones. Some of the best walks of my life. Thanks for meeting me there guys!

May 2003 - "Five Stones." Glendalough, Knock Rea, Slieve League, Croagh Patrick and Mt. Brandon. Kicking Ireland's ass with Mike.

September 2002 - Costa Rica! Hot springs, Night Walks and Mangroves.

January 2002 - "Mike and Keith Kick New York's Ass." A great weekend trip to show Mike NYC for the first time.

September 2001 - 9/11. Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach and the Southwest. What a blur...

September 2000 -  "Rocky Mountain Scramble". A quick tour through National Parks in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.

September 2000 - "Atlantis".  A few of photos of the launch of STS-106.

October 1999 - "Beer, brauts and Benelux".  Oktoberfest 1999!

February 1999 - "Cruising the Caribe".  Sailing St. Vincent and the  Grenadines   aboard the "Christina" with Val, Oliver and Mark.

September 1998 - "Aloha, a-a!"  Hiking the Big Island and Kaua'i.

September 1997 - "Una cerveza mas, por favor".  Hikin' and hangin' around El Yunque and Culebra, Puerto Rico.

October 1996 - "Chillin' in Negril".  A few days on the south coast of Jamaica.

September 1995 - "Solitude in the South".  A solo drive to south Florida for some sun.

February 1995 - "San Mamilliano or Bust". A quick jaunt around Umbria to check out a "villa" in the mountains north of Rome.

September 1994 - "The Four P's". A two-week ramble through the four provinces of Ireland, re-living previous adventures and sharing some new ones with my cousin, Paul and his bride, Joan.

September/October 1993 - "Trains, Planes and the Other Side of the World". Travels to Berlin, Moscow, Irkutsk, Samarkand, St. Petersburg, Vienna and Prague.

September 1992 - "Mind the Potholes!" Sharing ten days in Ireland with my parents. Afterwards, I spent a few days exploring WWII museums in London.

May 1989 - "Irish Inaugural". My first trip to Ireland courtesy of my cousin, Paul.

May 1988 - "The Willin' Tour." Tuscon, Tucumcari, Tehachapi and Tonopah in the Conan Van with Jim Corbley. The was what they mean when they say Road Trip!

November 1982 - March 1989 - "One-Eyed Road Stories". Life on the road with Washington Ballet, Western Opera Theater and Tulsa Ballet Theatre.

April 1981 - "Jesu Criste". Shifting into "caribe mode" on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

April 1973 - "There Goes Franco". My Spanish class takes spring break in España.



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