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        This area will eventually cover my trip to Russia in 1993. The trip lasted 27 days. We started in Berlin then joined our tour group in Moscow. From Moscow we boarded the Trans-siberian Railroad for a five night ride to Irkutsk where the photo above was taken. After touring Irkutsk and the south end of Lake Baikal, we took an Aeroflot flight(actually Baikal Air) to Tashkent. From there another flight to Samarkand to see Timur's City of Blue. From there it was a layover in Moscow(little did we know the tanks were heading to the White House!) and then on to St. Petersburg. After leaving Russia and our group, it was on to Vienna and Prague. As all of my images are in slide format and I don't have a scanner I'm happy with, it may be a while before I have many of those images up on this site. Please be patient and check back .

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