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September Escape 2006

Mike Smith and Ed Tomassini helped me pack up on Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. We made the last run to the storage space around 2 and in less than an hour we were finished, closing the roll-up door in a light rain. After we dropped "Big Blue" at Chautauqua Mike and I split up to grab showers. Meeting up with Mike at his home, there was just enough time to have a quick chat with Tom and enjoy two bowls of Kathy's Baked Potato Soup(yes, even better the the Athenaeum's!). We were at the airport(JHW) in plenty of time for our 7:05 flight and thankful for such convenience. The free parking is always a bonus! On the flight from PIT we were even re-seated with one of the very, very few empty seats between us. After some recent experiences(days late luggage in the Caribe) I was happy to find USAir doing something good "to" me for a change.

Arriving in the terminal at LAS had me looking forward to Zion. There were lots of burned-out looking folks in the waiting areas, cigarette stench wafting about and that mindless whirl of audio being pumped around the slot machines. We grabbed our bags and headed for the bus to get our rental car. We amused ourselves considering the etymology of all the rental agencies' names as we waited for our lift to the Payless lot.

Our car was waiting for us(we passed on upgrading to the "Grabber Orange" Mustang) and, after a few initials, we were on our way. We had decided to go for a room off the strip and made a rezzie at Candlewood Suites earlier in the week. The only clunker was their "standard" had only one queen-sized bed in the room(who knew?). After hoofing back to the desk we were upgraded to a suite, Mike getting the fold-out sofa bed. The kitchen and fridge were a big help. We shot out and bought some necessaries, connoitered over some beers and were sacked out by 2.

Mike got up early to put the finishing touches on his fantasy football team by 6. We had plenty of goodies for breakkie and were out the door heading southeast by 10.


It was Labor Day. What better way to celebrate it than visiting Hoover Dam. It made perfect sense to us! The construction of a bypass highway is still in the works. The traffic jam made its need evident. It wasn't long before we were parked and on the tour. It worked out well and lasted about two hours.

The power lines made interesting sculptures. You should see this place at night! When you're half asleep from driving all night it has a Raiders of the Lost Arc feel about it. Crazy.