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       Detail from the fourth pillar of the front of the Cathedral(Duomo) of Orvieto. February 1995.


   San Mamilliano or Bust

 It's the middle of winter and my boss, Philip Morris, while net surfing one night, finds a villa for sale.  He also finds a deal on round trip tickets to Rome($199). So, hey, we gotta go and check it out.  Ten days later Philip, Kathleen(his wife), Gene Danielson(a mutual friend who manages the Sheldon House for the Jamestown Community College) find ourselves in the air bound for Rome. A quick outline of the trip:


  Getting there. We stopped in Viterbo for lunch.on the wat to Orvieto from Rome. While walking the city, we made met a sculptor who gave us a personal tour of the town.

  Orvieto. A beautiful old city situated on a volcanic outcropping in Umbria, this medieval city is not to be missed. We stayed at La Cacciata, a fattoria run by the Bel Capo family. Wow! The food and the view were wonderful.

  Assisi. After a few days in Orvieto we headed north to La Valle. We based here to visit Assisi and San Mimilliano.

  San Mamilliano. We finally visited "the villa."   Well, it was nothing like we expected. Then, again, we weren't quite sure what we were expecting.

  Rome. I had to get back a day early for a gig at The Reg, so it was off to Rome by train from Assisi. I did a running tour of the city center starting at dusk.

  Check out a few photos by clicking below.


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