JANUARY 31, 2002


We headed out from 71 Canterbury at 1:10p.m. after loading up the CD changer. The promised ice storm had drifted north, so we only had gray skies to deal with. Pretty much an uneventful trip, except for the time we wasted looking for gas in Hornell. We decided, after looking for 15min., that all of the cars in town were electric. They had to be. There wasn't a single gas station in town!

We finally found some gas and then a little snow/sleet/rain after Binghamton. Then, it was time to catch a little NY edge by listening to Lewis Black's "White Album". It was recorded in Madison, WI.  Mike, what were the chances?

We pulled into the Beacon Station of the MTA around 7:30p.m. We almost pulled into space #666. We chose #668, instead. Parking cost a whopping $3.25. The rest of the weekend was free. After sorting out a few luggage issues, we headed up to the platform. Since we had already purchased our web tickets,

all we had to do was wait for the 7:50 .

We arrived at Grand Central Terminal at 9:16p.m. Thanks to the many reminders left on the seats by the MTA, we headed to the south exit. It seems there were a few protesters in town so the north exit was closed for "security measures".

We took a few minutes to take in the architecture of the terminal. GCT is indeed a "Grand" way to enter The City.


As we headed for the exit we were treated to a look at Tournament of Champions play going on in the concourse.

(note: I pinched this image from There was quite a crowd. CSFB was the sponsor, but a Foster's Beer sign was what caught our attention.

Outside and a few blocks away from GCS, we caught a glimpse of the Chrysler Building. From there we headed over to Rockefeller Center to check out the ice and architecture.

From there we skirted the north side of Times Square and checked into the Ameritania Hotel. 



Thanks to Marty Merkley's tip about The Ameritania and, we were heading to room #511 in less than 5min. We dropped our bags, made a quick pit stop and headed out.


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