JANUARY 31, 2002


We took a right turn out of the lobby(it's on 54th) and then another right to walk down Broadway towards Times Square.

There was eye candy of all kinds!

Mike couldn't decide which billboard he liked better. Brittany or


After checking out the other lights and sights in Times Square we headed for 44th Street and the St. James Theater. I knew a stage manager who used to work various Braodway theaters. The hope was to find him(if he was still working) and see if there was a way to scam some tickets to The Producers. After a few minutes someone popped out of the stage door. I asked if my acquaitance was still working in the neighborhood. Not only was he not working, the guy I asked had never heard of him. True, the last I heard he was stage managing Miss Saigon. Well, it was 9 years ago. The guy is probably running his own theater by now. Well, it didn't do us any harm to hang and watch the theaters empty out. It whet the appetite for the weekend.

After I checked a Phantom Playbill to confirm I didn't know anyone working there, we headed back to Times Square and the subway to catch the #1 to The Village.