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February 2, 2007 11:59pm


At my going away party at The Reg in December '05 I was given a wish, "Go
someplace special." I immediately thought of Ireland as I tried to read "Go
raibh maith agat" that was written on the card and engraved on the plaque.
In my mind, that word "special" hung there as a challenge daring me to do
something bold. If you were there, you heard me promise to find that place,
that experience, that "something special". I knew it would take time for
that right thing to emerge. Today I can tell you it has.

A few years ago I was online at home, sitting at my desk with the TV across
the room running on by itself. It was the sailing that caught my attention
and drew me to the screen during a break from my keyboard. WNED was airing
Jesse Martin's "Lionheart". Catching only the end of it, I saw enough to
make sure I would watch it again. And I did, several times. Jesse's video
documented his unassisted solo sail around the world. What made the story
even more exciting for me was the fact he set sail when he was only 17
years old.

Jesse continued his search for adventure. A few years ago he organized
Kijana, a young people's expedition. The group planned to circle the globe
sailing and trekking while sharing their research with students around the
world through the internet. Sailing out of Melbourne, Australia Kijana only
made it as far as Thailand before disbanding. Jesse shared the experience
when he published "Kijana - The Real Story" not long after returning home.
Reading the book this fall renewed my interest in Jesse's world.

Jesse continues his thirst for adventure and shares it with others through
his "Imajica Experience". Based out of Kavieng, New Ireland, Jesse and his
partner Mark McPherson take turns skippering a 38' catamaran on a variety of
adventures around the remote islands of Papua New Guinea. I am very happy to
tell you I will be joining Jesse and two others on a 12-day Exploratory
Expedition departing April 2. Though a lot of sailing is involved we will
spend time ashore meeting locals and sharing in their culture. I'm most
excited about the shark calling ceremony we will experience in Tembin
Village. I am taking the leap into the digital world for this trip and look
forward to sharing lots of images upon my return.

It's a very remote location and the travel time to get there is
considerable, but the "stars" have aligned. I'm not talking about just the
celestial ones, though it feels they have as well. There are the friends,
family and colleagues that are all helping make this happen in their own
way. I just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you before, well, I should
say now, as this thing begins to happen.

So much of what makes things work is just simple, good energy. Those of you
that I've had the good fortune to travel with know what I mean(especially
you guys that have been to the hilltops!). I also get that from what I have
seen and heard and read of Jesse and his adventures. And, this is why I look
forward to making, and sharing with you, my Imajica Experience.

April feels a long ways off, but that's a good thing right now. There's much
to be done!

Stay tuned.